619 san diego
Rey Mysterio performs his newly renamed 212.

Having recently relocated from his native San Diego to a new home in New York City, professional wrestler Rey Mysterio felt obligated to rename his signature move the “212.”

Previously known as the 619, the maneuver sees Mysterio swing his legs and lower torso between the upper and middle ring rope, causing his feet to collide violently against the head of a prone opponent draped over the second rope.

The move was named for the telephone area code of San Diego, where the masked wrestler resided with his family for decades.

Having recently purchased a condo on Manhattan’s upper west side, however, Mysterio opted to rename the crowd-pleasing maneuver to better reflect his new city of residence.

He relocated to New York City to be closer to the surgeons who frequently repair his injury-prone body.

Mysterio says he is also considering changing the name of his signature springboard hurricarana to the “East Coast Pop.”