While the mainstream media has focused on whether WWE Hall of Famer and US “President” Donald Trump committed obstruction of justice or collusion with Russia, Special Counsel Robert Mueller testified last week about the “clear and present danger” of Russia attacking the 2020 election with its national legsweep.

“A Russian legsweep could take our democracy down for the count,” warned Mueller. “It could literally matchka our great nation.”

mueller russia
Robert Mueller says a Russian legsweep would be even more devastating on democracy than a 1914 German suplex.

President Trump, however, has dismissed Mueller’s claims “FAKE NEWS,” and is instead focused on a controversial multi-million-dollar arms deal for Saudi Arabian Facebuster missiles.

Trump’s repeated insistence that Mueller’s investigation is a “rigged witch hunt” has drawn harsh criticism from other international leaders who fear Russian legsweeps of their own electoral systems.

North of the border, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has threatened Russia with the deployment of a Canadian Destroyer; overseas, Irish president Michael Higgins has threatened to “whip” Russian election meddling.

Whereas many European leaders are united in a promise to “uppercut” any election meddling, new UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson insists he will pursue an independent approach “like a tenacious British Bulldog.”


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