can you name the wrestlesr
Can you name these wrestlers? If so, why? What’s holding you back from a real life?

The vast majority of people can’t name all 20 professional wrestlers in this photograph. 

Can you? 

You can??

Wow, what a smart boy you are! You can name 20 pro wrestlers!

Are you actually proud of that? 

What do you want, a cookie? 

Do you think you’re somehow special because you can name 20 pro wrestlers? Seriously? 

Your parents must be thrilled. 

Can you name 20 countries? Can you name 20 books? Can you count to 20? 

Aren’t you worried about how much of your limited brain-space is occupied by images and names of pro wrestlers? 

Most people can’t name these wrestlers because most people have more common sense than you. 

Knowing the names of many wrestlers is not exactly grounds for earning the Nobel Prize. 

Get outdoors more, weirdo.

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