MITB gulf of mexico
The Money in the Bank briefcase floats just off the coast of Japan.

Just weeks after it was hurled into the Gulf of Mexico, the Money in the Bank briefcase has washed ashore at a coastal village in northwest Japan.

The briefcase, which belonged to professional wrestler Damien Sandow until his friend-turned-rival Cody Rhodes hurled it into the ocean, was covered in barnacles and seaweed when it was discovered on a beach in Tsugaru, Japan.

A 62-year-old squid fisherman named Tetsuya Noro now has the contractual right to challenged for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship any time in the next year.

Sandow, meanwhile, has conceded that “possession is nine-tenths of the law, thereby conferring ownership of the contract to the Japanese fellow.”

It is unknown if or when Noro will challenge for the championship, but he has reportedly hired a WWE referee to accompany him at all times.

Although Sandow admits he is “profoundly crestfallen,” he did send an a friendly note to Noro, simply saying: “You’re welcome.”