trump statue
This statue does exist, but not at the WWE Hall of Fame, because it does not exist.

An angry mob of angry high-school dropouts wearing MAGA hats and nWo shirts are currently marching to Stamford, CT, where they believe a statue of Donald Trump is under threat of being torn down by demonstrators. 

The mob consisted of several-dozen gullible losers who believed the populist poppycock of a con man. In addition to believing the populist poppycock of Vince McMahon, they also believe in Donald Trump. 

The protesters seem undeterred by well-established fact that the WWE Hall of Fame is an imaginary place with no corporeal existence. 

“Facts are lies,” replied one marcher, who identified himself only as C. Irvine. “The Hall of Fame is real, we are marching there, and I belong inside it.” 

Interestingly, a statue of Trump does exist, but only inside the Kremlin. 


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