The Miz scarf
Professional wrestler The Miz is expected to wear the niqab until Survivor Series, at which point he’ll begin wearing a turban.

As part of the continued evolution of his public persona, professional wrestler The Miz has eschewed his modest headscarf in favor of a full, jet-black niqab.

Though the niqab is typically worn in Arab countries for religious reasons, The Miz seems to be wearing it as part of a bombastic fashion statement, given that the garment has the words “I’M AWESOME” embroidered across the back.

He insists the niqab is “what all the celebs will be wearing soon,” but admits he is having difficulty staring at himself in the mirror through the garment’s narrow eye slit.

The Miz’s increasingly bizarre wardrobe choices are believed to be part of his attempts to feign Hollywood superstardom, despite having starred only in critically panned shoot-em-ups and corny Christmas comedies.

According to sources close to the wrestler, The Miz will soon abandon the niqab in favor of a turban, and then ditch the turban for a pointy Pope hat, at which point he’ll likely be released from WWE.