styles joe wendyIn his ongoing campaign of torment against the Styles family, Samoa Joe has challenged AJ and wife Wendy to square off in WWE’s Mixed Match Challenge against himself and Styles’ former lover, Claire Lynch.

“Ohhh Wendyyyy,” snarled Joe into a microphone, staring menacingly at the camera, “look who I fouunnnnd.”

Claire Lynch has a complicated and sordid history with Mr. Styles, which came to an emotional apex inside a Florida soundstage in front of several dozen wrestling fans in 2012.

In one of the most compelling and memorable series of events in wrestling history, it was revealed that Styles and TNA Wrestling honcho Dixie Carter were not having an affair as previously suspected, but were instead helping a pregnant and drug-addicted Lynch, though it was revealed that Styles may have been the father of Lynch’s unborn baby, but thanks to a pre-match stipulation for a bout against Christopher Daniels, Styles won the right to have a paternity test conducted, but then the following week it was revealed by Lynch’s attorney that Lynch was not pregnant at all and was rather perpetrating a blackmail plot against Styles, and then Lynch just kind of vanished without any further explanation.

According to Samoa Joe, Lynch is now actually pregnant with triplets, and that Styles is the father. Mr. and Mrs. Styles have not commented publicly, but a statement was issued by AJ’s father, Joey: “Oh my God!”



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