Eddie Guerrero heaven
Eddie Guerrero’s patented bogus chairshot, pictured here fooling a WWE referee, has also duped God.

Legendary professional wrestler and notorious trickster Eddie Guerrero got a standing ovation in Heaven today by tricking God into believing he had been clobbered with a chair behind God’s back.

When God was temporarily distracted with deity duties, Guerrero slapped a steel chair with his palm to create the loud, distinctive sound of flesh colliding with steel.

Then, a split second before God turned around to see what created the noise, Guerrero tossed the chair to St. Peter, then flopped onto his back, pantomiming that he had been walloped on the head with the chair by the heavenly gatekeeper.

God, attempting to piece together what happened, understandably assumed that St. Peter had walloped Guerrero upside the head, unaware that an unharmed Guerrero had cunningly framed St. Peter.

Furious, God disqualified St. Peter from his daily gatekeeping duties, and Guerrero winked mischievously at the assembled angels, who unanimously burst into laughter and applause.

It was merely the latest in a string of pranks with which Guerrero has entertained the departed souls of the righteous, making him the most popular man in Heaven. Tomorrow, he and Owen Hart are planning to fill Rick Rude’s robe with itching powder.