brock kofi tokyo
Brock Lesnar was reportedly “as surprised as anyone” about his surprise victory over the odds-on favourite, Kofi Kingston.

In what is being called the “Upset of the Century,” perennial WWE underdog Brock Lesnar somehow emerged triumphant after a hard-fought battle in Tokyo against the odds-on favorite, Kofi Kingston.

Commentators have dubbed the unexpected victory as the “Miracle in Tokyo,” comparing it to Buster Douglas’ surprise 1999 knockout of Mike Tyson, or The Kid’s 1993 upset over Razor Ramon.

Vegas oddsmakers estimated the likelihood of a Lesnar victory as 500-1, given that he has barely appeared on WWE programming since his loss at WrestleMania this spring.

The vast majority of wrestling fans, therefore, assumed Lesnar was being thrown into a hopeless situation in Tokyo — a sacrificial “jobber” whose sole purpose was to make Kingston look strong.

But Lesnar shocked the world when, on several occasions, he defended against Kingston’s aerial assault and unleashed one German suplex (pronounced sue-play) after another.

Lesnar’s performance was so impressive, in fact, that backstage sources reveal he may soon get called up to NXT.