Wrestlers names translate
WWE’s creative geniuses really outdid themselves with the cryptic monicker El Torito.

We hope you’re sitting down, because this crazy revelation is going to literally knock your socks on their asses.

If you put the words “El Torito” into Google Translate, you’ll discover that their English meaning is — wait for it! — The Little Bull.

Isn’t that crazy?!

Fans of professional wrestling have known for years that El Torito is a masked midget luchador in a bull costume, but who could have guessed that his name was actually an ingeniously cryptic code for his identity?!

Wrestling fans were already stunned this week to realize that, according to Google Translate, the Arabic words “Sami Zayn” translate to “El Generico” — leading some conspiracy theorists to suggest that the two wrestlers might somehow be linked (brothers perhaps?).

It was also discovered recently that cryptic monicker “Alberto Del Rio” is actually an anagram for “A Bold Loiterer,” which explains a lot.