Dance schools worldwide are struggling to meet the sudden demand from wrestling fans.

Millions of professional wrestling fans have inundated dance schools around the world this past week to sign up for ballroom dance lessons, and instructors are struggling to meet the demand.

The phenomenon is apparently the result of the so-called Fandango Revolution, or “Fandangoing” —  a sudden, massive interest in flamboyant professional wrestler Fandango and his flamenco-inspired theme song, ChaChaLaLa.

Dance instructors worldwide are reporting that countless scruffy men in black t-shirts have been arriving at studios and demanding: “I want to dance like Fahhhhhnnnn-dahhhnnn-goooooo.”

Many of the men have refused to take lessons, however, until the instructors properly pronounce the wrestler’s name.

As a result surge in interest, ballroom dancing has usurped the Gangnam Style horsey dance and the Harlem Shake as the world’s most popular form of choreographed expression.

Many dance instructors, however, are reportedly puzzled by the fact that Fandango himself does not appear to have any formal dance training or skill.