Star wars miz
This photo has been altered (shoddily) to depict the Miz as a cast member of Star Wars, which is not accurate.




No he did not.





He will, however, have a starring role in The Marine 5: Finding Muhammad Hassan, The Marine 6: Electric Boogaloo, The Marine 7: Mission to Mars, The Marine 8: This Time It’s Almost Watchable, The Marine 9: Marine Versus Mothra, The Marine 10: Yup, We’re Still Making Marine Sequels, The Marine 10.5: Just Bloopers, The Marine’s Instructional Video on Installing Your New Maytag Dishwasher, The Marine and Knucklehead Go to Rehab,  The Marine and Chyna Make a Porno, and Christmas Bounty 2: The Marine Saves Jesus.


Star Wars? The Miz? Come on, really? Really?!