Shawn Michaels Smile
A paparazzi photo of Shawn Michaels’ absentee smile (left) with Mick Foley’s right ear.

In what witnesses are describing as a bizarre relationship, the torn right ear of popular retired wrestler Mick Foley has recently been spotted with the absentee smile of WWE legend Shawn Michaels.

Foley’s ear has not officially been seen since it was torn off during a particularly brutal 1994 match against Vader in Munich (though some witnesses have reported seeing it wandering the German countryside in search of its master).

Michaels’ smile, meanwhile, went missing just a year after Foley’s ear, prompting the so-called Heartbreak Kid to take a hiatus from wrestling to search for it.

Unconfirmed reports emerging this week, however, seem to indicate that the ear and the smile have found each other and formed a strong (perhaps romantic) relationship.

The elusive body parts were spotted at a cafe in Paris before ducking into a back alley to avoid being hounded by paparazzi.

One witness even claims to have seen the appendages socializing with Dolph Ziggler’s missing push.