Foley Beyond the Mat
Mick Foley's wife and children wail in embarrassment as Dude Love dances and jives.

Sitting at ringside during a recent live wrestling event, Mick Foley’s wife and children wailed in terror as they witnessed him dancing in a tie-dyed shirt and spandex tights.

“No, no, no!” screamed a mortified Dewey Foley, who cowered behind the barricade in hopes of avoiding further embarrassment.

Noelle Foley wept openly after realizing that her friends might see her father gyrating his hips and saying things like “Cool daddy-o” on national television.

Documentary filmmaker Barry Blaustein, who is working on a sequel to his popular 1999 film Beyond the Mat, zoomed his camera onto the faces of Foley’s traumatized family, capturing their unfettered shame and discomfort.

Blaustein says he intends to compile the footage in a slow-motion montage, juxtaposed with images of the family during happier times, accompanied by the emotional song Stand By Me.

Eventually, Foley’s wife Collette corralled the children and took them backstage, where they cringingly watched on a monitor as their father danced with The Great Khali for another three minutes.

Weeks later, Blaustein visited Foley’s Florida home to show him the footage. Foley was shocked by what he saw, and promised to never subject his wife and children to such agony again.

“I don’t feel like such a good dad anymore,” Foley admitted.

“I don’t ever want to see my children like that again. Maybe for the next couple of years I’ll be the guy who gets clobbered on the head with a chair instead.”