Mick Foley bumps
Mick Foley is reportedly planning on getting hurled from atop the big screen during the WWE Hall of Fame ceremony in April.

Sources close to Mick Foley say the hardcore wrestling legend is planning to make one of his trademark dangerous falls, or “bumps,” during his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Foley reportedly intends to be thrown from atop the enormous “TitanTron” screen to the stage below, crashing through several wooden tables on the way down.

One backstage source told Kayfabe News that Foley has asked The Undertaker — who famously threw Foley off the “Hell in a Cell” steel cage in 1998 — to do the honors, and that the Undertaker has reluctantly accepted.

Foley was recently spotted buying a length of barbed wire at a hardware store near his Florida home, suggesting that he might crash into a board covered in the dangerous material.

He was also seen, however, buying a 12-pack of white sweatsocks, suggesting he might instead do some ventriloquism with his “Mr. Socko” hand puppet.