Mick Foley shows off a pair of stretchy-waistbanded sweatpants ($4.99 at Wal-Mart) similar to those he intends to wear to the WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony.

In anticipation of the glitzy WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony, Mick Foley intends to wash and crisply iron his fanciest sweatpants.

“I normally dress pretty casually,” said the hardcore legend, “but the Hall of Fame ceremony is a black-tie affair. That’s why I’ll be wearing my best black sweatpants to match my black clip-on tie.”

The annual Hall of Fame ceremony, held the night before WrestleMania, is an opportunity for WWE superstars to temporarily put their differences aside to recognize wrestling’s greatest performers.

“It’s a very grandiose evening,” said Foley, “so I might steal one of my daughter’s hair elastics and give myself a ponytail or something.”

Foley also intends to “break out the Sunday flannel,” referring to the sleeveless plaid shirt he typically wears only to weddings and funerals. “It only has one hole in it, and it’s in the armpit so most people won’t notice.”

Foley said he plans to complete the ensemble with his newly re-laced sneakers and, of course, a single tattered tube sock stuffed into his crotch.