Mick Foley pop
Mick Foley (real name Jack Kaktuss) says he loves to get cheap pops in every town he visits, especially if they have Shasta Cola.

Perhaps no other professional wrestler has gotten more “cheap pops” than Mick Foley, but the hardcore legend outdid even himself today when he found a two-litre bottle of expired, off-brand cola for just 79 cents. 

Whereas Foley typically acquires his cheap pops by uttering into a microphone the name of whatever town he happens to be in at a given moment, which sparks a sense of local pride and causes people to cheer loudly. 

Such pandering to tribalism was not necessary this morning, however, when Foley was browsing the aisles at Discount 4U, a liquidation store near his home, right here, in Long Island, NY. 

Never one to miss a bargain, Foley continued to fill his basket with cheap Pop Tarts, cheap popcorn, cheap pop-culture magazines, and five-dozen plain white tube socks. 

Foley also purchased two bags of frozen peas to put on his knees tomorrow, explaining that after a day of shopping his limbs become so achy that he needs to “have an ice day.”



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