michael cole shoe
This shoe will enter the new Footwear Wing of the WWE Hall of Fame in Stamford CT.

Though such announcements are rarely made so far in advance, World Wrestling Entertainment revealed today that commentator Michael Cole’s shiny left loafer will be inducted into the 2016 class of the WWE Hall of Fame.

The shoe, one half of a $450 pair of Herring Classic leather loafers, will be honored for its tenacity, its sacrifice, and its extraordinary performance on Monday Night Raw this week.

It will enter the Footwear Wing of the WWE Hall of Fame in Connecticut, where it will be displayed alongside The Iron Sheik’s pointy boots, Greg Valentine’s shin-guard, and Kerry Von Erich’s amputated foot.

The shoe will be the second recipient of the Warrior Award, named in honour of the late Ultimate Warrior, who was known to be an enthusiast of upscale men’s footwear (particularly if adorned with rainbow tassels).

Cole himself, who has been hospitalized since being brutally attacked by a rampaging Brock Lesnar Monday, was informed this morning of the honor being bestowed on the shoe.

Despite being heavily sedated due to the severity of his injuries, Cole managed to whisper to reporters: “Vintage shoe.”