michael cole
One backstage source says Michael Cole may be replaced by an auctioneer who can holler “The Big Dog” 88 times per minute.

Professional wrestling commentator Michael Cole has been slapped with a 30-day disciplinary suspension for failing to uphold his contractual obligation to emphatically scream “The Big Dog” at least 200 times while Roman Reigns is onscreen.

According to a recent analysis, Cole shouts the nickname an average of 151 times per Reigns appearance, despite having WWE honcho Vince McMahon barking in his headset to increase the frequency.

In a written statement, Cole said he is “sorry to have failed in my duties,” and vowed to spend his 30-day suspension practicing the exclamation in the mirror.

Some fans have criticized the suspension, insisting that Cole already shouts “The Big Dog” quite frequently — perhaps too frequently — but a WWE spokesperson argued that “the best way to make fans love a sports-entertainer is to have a commentator shout their nickname as much as possible.”

Cole said he welcomes the suspension, as it will allow him to spend some quality time at home with his wrestler son, Adam.

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