vintage michael cole
Wrestling commentator Michael Cole shocked friends today with his apropos utterance of the word “vintage.”

Professional wrestling commentator Michael Cole, best known for his overuse of the term “vintage,” surprised friends today by employing the word to aptly describe a glass of 1974 Cabernet Sauvignon.

“Vintage wine!” hollered Cole, startling other patrons on a winery tour in Northern California, where Cole is vacationing with colleague and life-partner John Bradshaw Layfield.

Cole was referring to a glass of Napa Valley Sterling Vineyards Cabernet Sauvignon Reserve — not, as is typically the case, to a signature maneuver performed by a WWE superstar (for example, “Vintage Orton” or “Vintage Kalisto” or “Vintage rookie making his NXT debut”).

The surprised sommelier nodded and assured Cole that the wine is indeed a lovely vintage, but that the winery discourages guests from shouting about it.

Cole then remarked that the wine has “an unctuous nose and a velvety finish that comes outta nowhere.”