Cole vintage
Michael Cole enthusiastically declares a never-before-seen move is “vintage.”

Professional wrestling commentator Michael Cole received a stern reprimand from his bosses Monday when he described an obscure, never-before seen wrestling move as “vintage Adam Rose!”

The move, a reverse-inverted-stepover-facelock-sleeper, is one that Adam Rose learned in on the South African indy circuit and unveiled for the first time Monday.

Purely out of habit, Cole described the move as “vintage” — a term he has ascribed to any wrestling move or hold he has seen at least once before.

Vince McMahon’s voice immediately came booming through Cole’s headset, admonishing the commentator for such an inane and inaccurate quip.

Cole then spent the next several minutes trying to cover up the flub, trying to explain that, in South Africa, the move has a long and storied tradition dating back to Zulu warriors.

Color commentator Jerry Lawler, meanwhile, tried desperately not to burst out laughing.