Michael Cole WWE App
Michael Cole has reportedly removed the WWE app from his smartphone.

Sources close to Michael Cole report that the WWE commentator, infamous for his incessant appeals to fans to download the WWE App, has secretly deleted the application from his own smartphone.

According to one anonymous source, Cole was spotted surreptitiously deleting the WWE App from his iPhone during last week’s broadcast of Monday Night Raw, shortly after insisting that every wrestling fan download it.

A member of the WWE production crew said that Cole is “really bored” with the app, and has “no interest in voting in bogus online polls and stuff.”

It is estimated that approximately 65 to 75 percent of Cole’s comments during a given three-hour episode of Raw are entreaties to fans to download and use the smartphone application.

It would seem, however, that Cole has merely been following orders to blather endlessly about the app, since he apparently has no interest in using it himself.

According to one WWE wrestler, speaking on condition of anonymity, Cole only uses his smartphone to play Angry Birds and send inappropriate texts to the Bella Twins.