mixed match challenge
Bradley Keffer says he likes watching Mixed Match Challenge because it “beats having a job.”

You might consider yourself a pretty big fan of sports entertainment — perhaps you can name all 17 former Intercontinental Champions, or know what Kevin Owens was called on the indy scene (El Generico) — but you can’t hold a candle to Tyler Keffer, the 28-year-old Tallahassee man who actually watches Mixed Match Challenge.

Keffer has devoted his life to watching every manner of WWE programming, including every episode of Total Bellas, the entire oeuvre of the Emmy-winning Legends House, and, yes, even the recent tournament of mixed-gender tag matches.

“I haven’t missed a single minute of Mixed Match Challenge, and I’ve even almost enjoyed some of it,” says Keffer with an inexplicable lack of shame. “By the end, I came pretty close to caring who won.”

Whereas flagship programming like Monday Night Raw and SmackDown Live attract millions of viewers, Mixed Match Challenge has achieved 100 percent market penetration in the basement of Keffer’s parents’ suburban home, and a zero percent share anywhere else.

Thanks to Keffer’s impeccable memory for useless information, he can name Ember Moon’s tag partner in the show’s second season (Curt Hawkins/Buddy Murphy), and remembers which team won the first season (Leilani Kai and Jimmy Jack Funk).

Keffer says he is looking forward to next week’s premiere of WWE’s newest show, Mixed Height Challenge, in which Hornswoggle and The Big Show will square off against El Torito and The Great Khali.


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