Fans of sports-entertainment were unanimously impressed with the timeless beauty of World Wrestling Entertainment’s newly unveiled 24/7 Championship belt, but most people are unaware that the aesthetically captivating prize was designed by an industrious six-year-old boy from Tallahassee, Timmy Simpson.

The second-grader, who was chosen to design the championship due to a clerical error (the request was meant to go to Tommy Simpson, a 61-year-old leathersmith and metallurgist), said he is “weally pwoud” of how the belt turned out.

“It is mostly gween because I weally wove the coloh gween,” said Timmy during an exclusive interview with Kayfabe News.

“Not just any gween — barf and booger gween!” He then burst into uncontrollable giggling.

The 24/7 Championship, revealed by former sock-puppeteer Michaelangelo “Mick” Foley, features a round plate that its designer says “looks like a fwisbee.”

The championship will be defended in much the same way as the now-defunct Hardcore Championship — a title belt designed by an beligerant orangutan.



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