jinder mahal before after
The original Jinder Mahal (left) and his replacement.

Tonight at WWE Backlash, the hulking man currently portraying the role of Jinder Mahal will square off against Randy Orton for the WWE Championship, and Kayfabe News has the exclusive details on the identity of this muscular mystery man.

The current incarnation of the Jinder Mahal character is being played by Yuvraj Singh, a 30-year-old Calgary native of Indian descent, who is considerably more physically impressive than his predecessor in the role.

The original Jinder Mahal, who enjoyed some mid-card popularity as a member of 3MB, was played by Gurjit Singh Hans, who also had a brief stint in WWE (then WWF) in the late 1990s as Tiger Ali Singh.  

Following the disbandment of 3MB, WWE matchmakers decided to give the Mahal persona a break from the public eye for a few years before introducing the new “beefed up” version of the character last year. 

Thanks to his impressive physique, the new Jinder Mahal has achieved much greater notoriety than his predecessor in the role, who is now performing on the independent circuit as “Muhammad Hassan.”

According to insiders, WWE matchmakers had hoped that nobody would notice that the “Jinder Mahal” role has been played by more than one person, just like the company covered-up the existence of multiple Ultimate Warriors. 


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