Sports-entertainment mogul Vince McMahon has long enjoyed a monopoly over the genre with his World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), but it seems he will not be satisfied until WWE is the only game in town.

Sources close to the billionaire carny say McMahon is determined to destroy any would-be usurpers to his throne, even if they are vastly smaller grassroots “independent” (or “indy”) promotions.

McMahon’s anger toward indy wrestling inflamed by tweets he saw about a match pitting “Hardcore Hick” Jeff Black against “Handicapped Hero” Gregory Iron at a Pure Wrestling Association (PWA) event at a decrepit Bavarian beerhall in Kitchener, Ontario.

McMahon was reportedly furious when a Twitter user described the match as “better than what’s on WWE nowadays.”

McMahon then used his own Twitter account to “prove who’s boss,” and vow to “completely destroy” every indy wrestling federation within the next half-decade, “quite frankly.”

Asked to explain why he is determined to destroy the feeder system that grooms talented young talent for potential WWE stardom, McMahon gulped in a theatrically exaggerated manner, his undulating Adam’s apple indicating that his power-hungry hubris may have gotten him into another fine mess.


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