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Vince McMahon is reportedly says AEW is “doomed” if it an asteroid hits the earth.

WWE honcho Vince McMahon wasn’t pulling any punches when expressing his feelings about rival organization AEW, hurling terms like “worthless” and “embarrassing.”

An anonymous backstage source secretly recorded McMahon ranting during a backstage tirade:

Here is the full transcript of McMahon’s rant:

“You want to know what I think about AEW? !Quite frankly, I haven’t had a chance to watch much AEW, plus I don’t have cable anymore because it was just costing too much every month and I was mainly just watching Netflix and Amazon Prime, quite frankly. Is AEW the one that used to be called T&A? Oh wait, no, that’s Impact. I always get those mixed up. Lashley worked for Impact, right? Anyway, no, I haven’t seen much AEW, except for this really funny bit with Jericho and Orange Kennedy. What’s that? Cassidy? Oh yeah, Orange Cassidy. He does these weak kicks to Jericho’s shins, and Jericho’s face is just priceless. Anyway, that’s about all I’ve seen, to be honest. Between work, the gym, my book club, and having marathon tantric relations with Linda, I don’t have a lot of spare time to watch AEW, unfortunately. I do wish them well, quite frankly. I mean, more wrestling can only benefit us all, right? Competition breeds creativity, a rising tide lifts all ships, and things of that nature. The more the merrier, as far as I’m concerned. Unless, of course there are traitors working for AEW. I mean, if AEW was somehow involved in the January 6 insurrection at the capitol, then they are traitors and I would hope that we could help destroy their chances of escaping justice. It would be embarrassing if AEW had any involvement whatsoever with the worthless traitors who stormed the American capitol, or performed any other act of treason. But I really, really doubt that’s the case. I mean, I know a lot of the people in AEW and consider many of them friends. Here’s hoping WWE and AEW will go to war as allies in the fight to help more people fall in love with the weird and wonderful world of professional wrestling.– WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, recorded secretly, Feb. 29, 2021

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