Hogan Vince
Vince McMahon (left) has reportedly made disparaging remarks against Orange-Americans, such as the man pictured on the right (identity unknown).

Sports entertainment impresario Vince McMahon has landed in hot water after recordings emerged that allegedly capture him making disparaging racial slurs against Orange-Americans.

Transcripts soon to be published in The National Insinuator purportedly include many damning remarks made by the legendary promoter, including several instances of the word “carrots” (a racial slang term for Orange-Americans).

The comments attributed to McMahon include:

  • “These [expletive] carrots eat all the good ICO PRO.”
  • “I’m glad my daughter married a blueblood instead of a [expletive] orangeblood.”
  • “Some carrots are OK, but this one big carrot keeps getting into trouble.”
  • “I hate when I see a creamsicle (mixed-race) couple.”

The allegations have sent shockwaves through the professional wrestling world, leading many of McMahon’s colleagues to label him a bigot and an orangaphobe.

One prominent member of the Orange-American community, who wished to remain nameless, said the comments hurt his friends and his pride, adding that he “can’t let it slide.”