Backstage sources at WWE, or World Wildlife Entertainment, revealed today that they overheard rumours that Vince McMahon was “furious” about the universally positive reviews of the recent NXT: TaKeoVeR deS MoINEs: WoRld DomINaySHUn event. 

One backstage source, who asked to be identified only as Fit F., said McMahon was screaming that he would cancel NXT entirely if its plucky young developmental rookies continued to flippity-flop their way to show-stealing spot-fests that “upstage” WWE’s main-roster superstars. 

Let’s go live to our subterranean world headquarters, where Kayfabe News Lead Anchor and Designated Driver Philip N. Marx is discussing the move with reporter Harry Canrana, who is on the scene at the WWE Performance Center:


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