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Sources close to Vince McMahon say he considers himself an importance voice in the so-called Internet Wrestling Community (IWC).

Vince McMahon, the sports-entertainment impresario to transformed professional wrestling into a pop-culture juggernaut, ranked himself first in a top-10 list of greatest wrestling promoters he sent to Bleacher Report under a pseudonym.

Writing under the pen name “Macho” Mic Venn (an anagram of Vince McMahon), the Connecticut billionaire tallied a list of the most successful wrestling promoters of the past half-century, though many readers pointed out clear biases in the article.

Eric Bischoff, for example — the head of World Championship Wrestling (WCW) during the so-called Monday Night Wars with WWE — was conspicuously absent from the list.

The top three spots on the list, furthermore, were held by McMahon, his father Vince McMahon Sr., and grandfather Jess McMahon.

McMahon has neither confirmed nor denied that he is the author of Bleacher Report articles by “Macho” Mic Venn, though a sampling of Venn’s published work hints that McMahon is indeed the author:

  • “What a Maneuver” and 17 More Great Lines of WWE Commentary
  • 73 Reasons the Resurrected XFL Will Be Hugely Successful
  • 13 Reasons Why the Song “Stand Back” is Criminally Underrated
  • Ranking the 12 Most Pompous Ring-Entrance Struts

“Macho” Mic Venn submitted these articles to Bleacher Report from the email address [email protected]

Many of these articles have been posted to Reddit by someone also believed to be McMahon himself, under the username u/Grapefruits69Vinnie.

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