Vince McMahon (left) has, after four decades as honcho of World Wrestling Entertainment, sold the company to rival Dixie Carter

After weeks of speculation about a potential sale of World Wrestling Entertainment Inc. (WWE), fans and shareholders were shocked by the abrupt announcement that company chairman Vince McMahon has sold the promotion to fellow wrestling promoter Dixie Carter.

Carter, head of WWE’s much-smaller rival Total Non-Stop Action (TNA) Wrestling, purchased the sports entertainment juggernaut for an “undisclosed sum,” according a newly released report in Forbes.

Industry insiders are reeling at the news, since few people believe Carter had the assets needed to acquire the billion-dollar company — or even Tallahassee Championship Wrestling (TCW), a much smaller promotion she also reportedly had her eye on.

Though details about the deal are scant, it is believed that Carter must have purchased the company for an absurdly low price, leading many to speculate that McMahon has finally, truly lost his mind (his steady decline in sanity has been evident for decades).

WWE’s stock prices plummeted drastically as news of the sale broke, dropping from roughly $30 per share to a few cents, especially after Carter announced plans to make Ethan Carter III the WWE World Champion.

Some astute wrestling fans, however, have a different view. They believe that when Dixie Carter addresses fans at the upcoming WrestleMania event, she will tear off a latex mask and reveal herself to actually be McMahon in disguise, who will laughingly declare: “It was me all along!”


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