Swerved brand split
Vince McMahon has been screaming “Gotcha” and laughing hysterically all day.

After a months-long crescendo of anticipation, the WWE brand split and draft have been revealed as a clever hoax for prank show Swerved, orchestrated by company mastermind Vince McMahon.

“You’ve been swerved!” McMahon hollered to the WWE and NXT rosters backstage at the venue hosting Monday Night Raw.

The billionaire mogul laughed maniacally for a full eight minutes before explaining to the assembled talent that Smackdown will not air live on Tuesdays, the roster will not be split over two brands, and no wrestlers from NXT will be “called up” to the main roster.

“Quite frankly, I think it’s time to start firing people,” McMahon said, still chuckling. “I mean, brand split? Draft? You people are so gullible.”

During a press conference this afternoon, one reporter asked McMahon if he had any accomplices to pull off such an complicated, duplicitous charade.

“It was me,” McMahon replied. “It was me all along.”