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McMahon says the new WBF will feature a Women’s Revolution, featuring roughly the same amount of testosterone as the men’s division.

Just months after announcing the resurrection of his ill-fated football league, XFL, sports-entertainment impresario and well-dressed carny Vince McMahon revealed he will also re-launch his failed pose-entertainment venture, the World Bodybuilding Federation (WBF).

“WBF is going to be bigger, badder, and more latently homoerotic than ever before,” McMahon snarled during a press briefing this morning outside his Connecticut mansion, where a dozen oiled-up musclemen flexed on his opulent front lawn.

McMahon then took a swig of from a bottle of ICO PRO, a powdered bodybuilding supplement made from bear spleen, mantaur semen, the Simon System, trace amounts of uranium, and crushed Booty-Os.

With the clumpy liquid dripping from his chin, he growled: “You gotta want it!”

The WBF first launched in the early 1990s to an underwhelming response, as the average wrestling fan did not share McMahon enthusiasm for dehydrated, veiny men with skin like damp leather wearing only banana-hammocks.

Undaunted, McMahon announced today he will devote $500 million to the relaunch of WBF, because “quite frankly, I don’t accept failure, quite frankly.”

Media mogul Ted Turner, meanwhile, has announced his plans to launch World Championship Bodybuilding.

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