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Vince McMahon has high hopes that his Survivor Series predictions will impress the editors of Bleacher Report.

Sources close to Vince McMahon say the sports-entertainment impresario has been anxiously checking his email all day to find out if Bleacher Report will publish the Survivor Series predictions he submitted earlier this week.

McMahon has always dreamed of getting his work published on the popular sports website, and he is said to be “pretty sure” the esteemed editors at Bleacher Report will like his list of “17 Things That Must Happen at Survivor Series.”

Even though he operates the most successful professional wrestling promotion on Earth, McMahon is not guaranteed publication on Bleacher Report, due to its extremely high editorial standards.

Like all would-be Bleacher Report authors, McMahon toiled day-and-night on his submission, meticulously double-checking every word and punctuation mark for syntax, cadence and narrative cohesion.

One source within Bleacher Report stated that McMahon’s submission is “under consideration,” but that it faces stiff competition among Survivor Series predictions submitted by David Sedaris, Cormac McCarthy, and Malcolm Gladwell.


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