Vince WWE Network
Vince McMahon is waiting to see if the subscription rates of WWE Network come down at all.

Sports entertainment mogul Vince McMahon says he is “taking a wait-and-see approach” to the WWE Network in hopes that the price of subscription comes down in the next few months.

The longtime Chairman of World Wrestling Entertainment, who staked his company’s vast fortunes on the innovative on-demand video streaming service, is hoping subscriptions will get a bit cheaper “after the initial hoopla wears off.

“And I don’t love the idea of a six-month commitment,” he said. “What if I don’t love it? I don’t want to be stuck paying for it for half a year.”

Although McMahon’s colleagues and advisors have urged him to subscribe as a demonstration of his confidence in the platform, he insists he doesn’t want to “feel like a sheep.”

“I’m sure it’ll be cheaper by next year,” said McMahon. “Hey, you don’t become a billionaire by spending your money willy-nilly on every new fad that comes along.”

McMahon said he is also worried that his WWE Network stream might go down during this weekend’s Payback event, so he’s just going to watch it illegally on the internet instead.