McMahon magazine cover
Vince McMahon provides dating tips in the latest Cosmo, which is expected to result in the bankruptcy of the long-running magazine.

Vince McMahon, the 69-year-old chairman of World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE), once again stirred controversy this week by appearing on the cover of Cosmopolitan, the long-running women’s magazine devoted to fashion, sex advice, and dating tips.

The sports entertainment mogul is depicted flexing his gruesome, leathery musculature on the Cosmo cover, which is typically adorned with images of beautiful women several decades McMahon’s junior.

McMahon is also featured prominently inside the magazine with a number of provocatively titled articles, including:

  • How to Keep Your Genetic Jackhammer Operational After 60
  • Toned, Firm Grapefruits in Five Easy Steps
  • How I Learned to Love Ted Turner
  • What a Maneuver! 20 Moves in the Bedroom to Drive Your Man Wild
  • It Was Me All Along: Confessions of an Evil Genius

The Cosmopolitan issue comes of the heels of a recent issue of Muscle & Fitness, which showcased McMahon in a cover photo that demonstrates the remarkable powers of PhotoShop.

Cosmopolitan hit newsstands this morning, and many people who snapped up the first copies report that it’s “kind of gross.”