Vince McMahon’s twitter campaign failed to trend globally, nationally, or even in Stamford, CT.

In response to the social media backlash against World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) following the company’s Survivor Series event, WWE Chairman Vince McMahon today tried — and failed miserably — to get the hashtag #SubscribeToWWENetwork trending.

McMahon was dismayed to learn that, following Roman Reigns’ unpopular Royal Rumble victory Sunday, disgruntled fans took to Twitter in droves to make “#CancelWWENetwork” a trending topic worldwide.

Hoping to sway public opinion in the opposite direction, McMahon tweeted this morning: “That championship match was pretty good, though, right? #SubscribeToWWENetwork.”

McMahon’s tweet was then retweeted by Triple H, several employees, and a Twitter user named @Bryan4Lyfe, who later insisted that he clicked the retweet button by accident.

McMahon issued several more tweets throughout the day, such as” “Better than paying full price for PPVs #SubscribeToWWENetwork” and “For the love of God, we need this network to succeed or we’re screwed #SubscribeToWWENetwork.”

Lucky for McMahon, even though thousands of wrestling fans vociferously supported a boycott of the WWE Network, none actually followed through with a cancellation.