Vince McMahon twitter
Vince McMahon was in a pensive, reflective mood after reading all the negative feedback on Twitter about the No Way Out event.

World Wrestling Entertainment mogul Vince McMahon reportedly wept himself to sleep last night after reading every single negative comment on Twitter about the No Way Out pay-per-view.

“He was inconsolable,” said a source close to the McMahon family, on condition of anonymity. “Twitter users never give any consideration to his feelings.”

Most wrestling fans have previously assumed that McMahon is too powerful, confident and busy to worry about the fleeting, 140-character outbursts by hypercritical fans around the world.

“But Vince reads every single tweet,” said the source. “He’s very diligent about it.”

The Twitterverse was especially unkind to McMahon during last night’s pay-per-view, which featured a tuxedo match, a cluttered main event, and a showdown between three men with the same obsessive stalker.

Curled up in bed at the McMahon mansion in Stamford, CT, the WWE honcho sobbed as he read tweets like “this ppv is dum” (by @CenaSux88) and “wtf is brotus clay doin in the main event of #nowayout?” (@LaylaLuvver).

Before he finally fell asleep at 4:20 a.m., McMahon vowed to make his product better based on all the constructive Twitter input.