Vince mcmahon real interview
Vince McMahon’s latest shoot interview spends 92 minutes of its four-hour runtime on the topic of drinking with Andre the Giant.

In the latest installment of his ongoing series of “shoot interviews” produced by Highspots, sports-entertainment mogul slurs through profanity-laden diatribes about his rivals in the wrestling world, clearly becoming increasingly intoxicated with each passing hour.

Straight Shootin’ With Vinnie Mac Vol. 7, filmed with a single camera in front of a wrinkled Highspots banner, shows 73-year-old McMahon slouched on a sofa wearing striped Zubaz pants and an ICO PRO sweatshirt, occasionally leaning over to noisily rustle a new bottle of Bud Light from a case at his feet.

“Man, me and Sheiky Baby, you know, Khosrow, the Iron Sheik, me an’ him go wayyyy back,” McMahon slurs, eyes glazed. “Sheeeit, man, we was doin’ Jell-o shooters off the belly of this ring rat one time and, jeez, that was like ’84 or ’85, and B. Brian Blair walks inna the hotel room, that jabroni, and Andre’s over there takin’ a dump in the bathtub, and… where was I? Ohhh, right, Moolah, she was a tough broad, I’m tellin’ ya. You know who else is, like, legit tough? Meng. Whatever happen’d t’that guy?”

Shoot interviews have become a venerable pastime among embittered has-beens of professional wrestling, providing them an opportunity to air dirty laundry, express sour grapes, and place blame for their all their post-heyday misfortunes on everyone but themselves.

McMahon’s ongoing series of shoot interviews shows him taking potshots at practically every one of his past colleagues, from “that sunuvabitch Corny” (Jim Cornette) to “frickin’ moneybags Billionarie Ted” (Ted Turner).

According to Highspots, the next volume of Straight Shootin’ With Vinnie Mac will be “the most controversial yet,” with McMahon and Paul London “tripping balls” while providing new commentary to CZW’s Ultraviolent Tournament of Death.

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