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Vince McMahon says he will “humiliate Baldy Biden” at WrestleMania.

Sports-entertainment mogul Vince McMahon strutted unannounced into a White House press briefing this morning to publicly challenge President Joe Biden to a hair-versus-hair showdown this spring at WrestleMania. 

“Quite frankly,” McMahon shouted from the back of the press corps, “the president doesn’t stand a chance against the boss, quite frankly, no chance in hell [loud chortling].”

The longtime WWE honcho is apparently hoping to rectify his paltry 0-1 record at WrestleMania against old rich guys who end up in the White House. 

McMahon, ever the provocateur, has even begun to publicly question the legitimacy of Biden’s presidency: “I think Samoa Joe Biden needs to produce his long-form birth certificate to prove he’s a real American who’ll fight for the rights of every man and things of that nature, quite frankly.”

Although President Biden has not publicly responded, longtime wrestling fans will recall that Biden did have a successful run as a pro wrestler in the 1960s, and is unlikely to turn down a challenge. 


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