mauro releasedWorld Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) announced this morning that play-by-play commentator has been released from the company due to his monotonous, dispassionate oration.

According to backstage sources, Ranallo received numerous warnings from WWE honcho Vince McMahon to put some enthusiasm into his commentary, but the commentator continued to call matches with a plodding, humdrum delivery.

Professional wrestling commentators are known for being excitable and hyperbolic — take, for example, Gordon Solie’s screamed exclamations of “What a suplay!” — but Ranallo could never come out of his shell.

In a recent match on 205 Live, for example, Ranallo droned: “Noam Dar is grappling ably, but Jack Gallagher is quite adept at reversals. Oh, there is a nice armbar by Gallagher. Who doesn’t enjoy seeing a good, long armbar?”

During the match, Vince McMahon told Ranallo via his headset that he should spice things up by yelling “Mama mia,” but Ranallo misheard the suggestion and instead mumbled “Malaria.”