Matt striker fired
Matt Striker has been fired from WWE for moonlighting as a teacher.

Matt Striker, a professional wrestler and commentator, has been fired from World Wrestling Entertainment after it was discovered he has been moonlighting as a high school teacher.

It became apparent that Striker was teaching on the side when several WWE colleagues noticed chalk stains on his suit jackets, and discovered lesson plans in his gear bag.

“Mr. Striker has been pursuing outside employment that detracts from his duties as a WWE commentator,” said a press release issued today by World Wrestling Entertainment.

“For this reason, we wish Mr. Striker all the best on his future endeavors.”

Striker’s dismissal is a strange twist of irony, since he was first hired by WWE after his highly publicized firing from a New York high school in 2005, when it was revealed he had used sick days to perform as a independent wrestler.

Striker has not publicly commented on the matter, but is expected to address the issue in fourth-period social studies class.