Matt Hardy nero
Matt Hardy pictured in one of his saner moments.

Plans to introduce professional wrestler Matt Hardy as the latest addition to WWE’s Wyatt Family have reportedly been nixed after Bray Wyatt deemed him “a bit too odd for our tastes.”

Rumors of Hardy’s return to WWE have been swirling ever since his latest cinematic masterpiece became a viral sensation and generated immediate Oscar buzz.

Although backstage rumors indicated Hardy would join the hillbilly cult led by the messianic Wyatt, it was decided Hardy is too peculiar to mesh people who wear sheep masks use old-timey lanterns.

Hardy was once relatively normal — especially compared to his brother Jeff, best known as platinum-selling recording artist PeRoxWHO?GE!nWhEre — but seems to have recently lost his mind, as well as developed an accent that can only be described as Nefarious British Redneck.

Asked by reporters if he still hopes to get back into WWE, Hardy responded cryptically: “Brother Neeeeroooo, it’s ovahhh!”