randy entrance boring
After 17 minutes of his entrance at a recent WWE show, Randy Orton had barely made it past the TitanTron.

A match at a recent World Wrestling Entertainment live event ended with an unsatisfying time-limit draw after Randy Orton failed to reach the ring during the allotted 30 minutes.

Orton was scheduled to face Dolph Ziggler, who waited with growing impatience as Orton sauntered to the ring at an even-slower-than-usual pace.

Several times during his elongated entrance, Orton stopped and surveyed the crowd with his cold, piercing eyes, while constantly clenching his jaw to make his cheek muscles ripple.

Orton’s theme music, “Voices in My Head,” repeated eight times during the entrance, and referee Scott Armstrong noticeably dozed off on a few occasions.

By the time Orton had finally made his way to the ring apron, the timekeeper had clanged the bell to signify the match had reached its time limit, resulting in a draw.

His expression unchanged, Orton then made his way back to the locker room while four successive matches unfolded in the ring.

Most fans agreed, however, that Orton’s 30-minute entrance was still far more compelling than his promo earlier in the night.