Ric Flair
Contrary to prevailing theories, there is no line-up to Space Mountain.

After a harrowing but successful landing on Mars this past Sunday, the Perseverance rover has already begun to transmit photographs of the Martian topography — including a remarkable image of the “Space Mountain” frequently mentioned by sports-entertainer and babydaddy Ric Flair.

NASA mission manager Derek Watson said the images are “even better than could be imagined,” thanks to their clear depiction of a Flair-like face seemingly etched into a distant mountain face, like a Martian Mount Rushmore.

For decades, professional wrestling fans have heard the flamboyant Flair raving maniacally about “Space Mountain,” but many presumed he was making a thinly veiled reference to his genitalia.

The rover will traverse the Martian landscape in search of intelligent life elsewhere in the WWF Universe, which has thus far proven elusive. 



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