Mark Henry speech
Following a stellar performance on Raw, renowned thespian Mark Henry will portray Hamlet on Broadway.

The theater world is abuzz today with the news that professional wrestler Mark Henry, who demonstrated his prodigious acting talents on WWE television last Monday, has landed the lead role in a forthcoming broadway production of Hamlet.

Henry is a daring choice to portray the doomed Prince of Denmark in Shakespeare’s tragic tale of envy and Oedipal desire, since he is a 400-pound black powerlifter with cornrowed hair.

But the casting director of the production, Serge DuBois, stands by his decision to put Henry in the titular role, given Henry’s remarkable performance on the last Monday Night Raw.

Henry, bedecked in a pink blazer, delivered a teary-eyed address to the WWE fans Monday to announce his supposed retirement from the ring. Many fans wept openly at the performance, until Henry revealed the speech was a nefarious subterfuge.

Henry has never performed Shakespeare before, but sources close to the behemoth say he is excited about portraying one of the most complex characters in theatrical history.

Contacted by Kayfabe News about his foray into Shakespearean stage acting, Henry merely responded: “That’s what I do now.”