Mae young hand
Mark Henry (right) has assumed sole custody of love-child Hand.

A silver lining has emerged from the dark cloud of Mae Young’s recent passing, as Young’s former lover Mark Henry has taken full custody of their love-child, Hand.

Amid the outpouring of love and tributes for one of professional wrestling’s great ladies, many people overlooked the fate of Hand, who was born to Young in the winter of 2000.

Now nearly 14 years old, Hand was facing an uncertain future untilĀ  his self-proclaimed “babydaddy,” Henry, vowed to take full custody and raise Hand as a single father.

Although Henry and Young never married, they remained amicable during Hand’s formative years. Hand was conceived amid a particularly promiscuous tryst between Henry and Young, during which Henry earned the nickname “Sexual Chocolate.”

Friends and acquaintances of Henry’s report he is overjoyed to have Hand back in his life, and that he has “a lot of fatherhood left in the tank.”

Asked by reporters if he will provide a stable and loving home for Hand, Henry simply replied: “That’s what I do.”