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Hand Young-Henry is now 18 and ready to reconcile with his deadbeat dad.

With Father’s Day just around the corner, WWE Hall of Famer Mark Henry is eagerly anticipating spending some long-overdue quality time with his only child, Hand.

Father and son have become somewhat estranged in recent years, even since the untimely passing of Hand’s mother — and Henry’s sexually insatiable former lover — Mae Young.

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The birth of Hand in 18 years ago was a traumatic experience for everyone involved, from the retching medics at Young’s bedside to the millions of wrestling fans who watched on live television and could feel their IQs irrevocably plummeting.

With Henry constantly on the road, Hand grew up without a father figure in his life, and was picked on at school for having no head, torso, arms, or legs.

“All these years,” hand once wrote in his blog, “all I wanted to do was play catch with my dad. I mean, it’s literally the only thing I can do.”

Hand is reportedly hoping his father can help him get a jobĀ in WWE as a second-generation superstar, having heard a rumor that a certain backstage agent is willing to give Hand jobs.