wwe tables ladders chairsLocal wrestling fan Robert Mitchell has successfully tricked his wife into ordering this Sunday’s WWE pay-per-view thanks to its ambiguous “TLC” acronym.

“That sounds nice,” replied Mitchell’s wife, Debbie, when he suggested they spend Sunday evening together watching TLC.

It’s unclear whether Debbie mistakenly believes the couple will watch the TLC Network (her favorite show is Here Comes Honey Boo Boo), or a movie called Tender Loving Care.

“Either way, she’s in for a surprise,” chuckled Robert.

Debbie admitted it was “a bit weird” that her husband insisted she “swear to God” they would watch TLC together. Between now and Sunday, Robert is determined to prevent his wife from learning that TLC stands for Tables, Ladders & Chairs, since his wife hates professional wrestling.

Mitchell has fooled his wife with similar schemes in the past. He once convinced her to watch a “travel documentary about Asia” called Backdoor to Chyna.