Neville gravity
The the man Gravity is having the darnedest time remembering.

The name of a high-flying professional wrestler is “right on the tip of my tongue,” insists the universal force of attraction between masses, Gravity.

“Dangit,” said Gravity, struggling to remember Neville, a wrestler recently “called down” to the main WWE roster from the big leagues of NXT.

“Is it Norman? Norbert? I’m pretty sure it starts with an N. Oh, Neal! No, hang on, that’s not quite it. Darnit!”

Although Gravity usually has impeccable memory — always remembering to keep planets in predictable orbits and spacetime curved around massive cosmological objects — it always “totally draws a blank” on [FIRST NAME DELETED] Neville.

“Argh, brain fart!” exclaimed Gravity while watching a recent match featuring Neville, whose arsenal is impressively flippy but nonetheless completely obeys the laws of Gravity, and therefore shouldn’t be that hard for Gravity to remember.

“That guy needs a more memorable name,” added Gravity. “Something short and sweet, one syllable. Like, I dunno, Pac.”

Gravity worries that memory loss might be due to brain damage from “too many unprotected chairshots to the head.”